In the period from 08.04.2022. – 10.04.2022. in Rijeka at the Hilton Costabella Beach Resort & Spa we held a workshop called “Executing” – getting things done for employees of the Palco & Nutrifit group.

The aim of the workshop was to further strengthen the relations between the two connected companies, and thus strengthen internal communication and acquired knowledge.

The workshop leader was Prof. Dr. Thomas Vogler from Germany (Mercator-Consulting GmbH & Co KG), who was selected by the Management Board to implement it in a professional and quality manner.

The workshop was conceived in three parts. Each of the three parts contained a theoretical and practical part, and a final discussion. The activities carried out in the practical part were done in groups.

The selected workshop empowered Palco d.o.o. and Nutrifit d.o.o., and has helped develop business processes within the companies.