PALCO Nutrifit is an owner-managed company operating in the Southeastern European countries which engages in distribution of commodities and specialties for the Food, Feed and Life Science sector.

Together with our well-experienced and technology-focused employees we are building a bridge between our suppliers and customers. Permanent communication and fast reaction to the latest trends help us provide our partners reliable logistic solutions.

Long-term relationship with our suppliers helps us detect price and market trends to develop new and high-quality products and offer them just-in-time to our customers. Together with our principals we provide technological support to our partners which contributes to joint collaborative efforts to find and develop tailor-made solutions.


PALCONutrifit actively supports the HAE Croatia Association
HEREDITARY ANGIOEDEMA (HAE) belongs to a group of very rare, life-threatening diseases occurring in approximately 1 out of 10,000 to 1 out of 50,000 people. HAE symptoms include swelling of…
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Solar power plant at our facility in Velika Gorica
PalcoNutrifit has installed a solar power plant with a capacity of 50 kW AC/ 75 kW DC and its connected charging stations for electric vehicles. Investing in this solar power…
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PALCONutrifit joined the sponsors who enabled the participation of two girls’ teams from ŽRK UDARNIK in the international handball tournament for younger ages – LUNDASPELLEN 2022. The tournament took place…
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